Need a theme song for an imaginary ’70s sitcom, a sonic scene-setter for a seriocomic indie, or just something to evoke the mood of your favorite neighborhood joint dimming the lights as the ladies reach for their purses? You’ll find it on the long-gestating album by Jack Silverman. Backed by all-stars Viktor Krauss (Lyle Lovett, Bill Frisell), monster jazz keyboardist Tyson Rogers (Tony Joe White, Chris Stamey) and drummer Derrek Phillips (Chariie Hunter), Silverman’s an accomplished string-bender, capable of shifting nimbly from an amped-up workout on the Meters’ ‘Cissy Strut’ to spiraling Dark Side of the Moon-style space jams in his atmospheric instrumentals. —Jim Ridley, NASHVILLE SCENE

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After being dropped on his head as a small child, Jack was dropped on his head as a teenager. Not long thereafter, he was dropped on his head once more, then again in his mid-20s. Jack managed to make it through the next decade without being dropped on his head, but then was dropped on his head three times in rapid succession. Shortly thereafter, he began the Jack Silverman Ordeal, which, not surprisingly, is often described as the musical equivalent of being dropped on your head. Protective headgear recommended.  For the full bio… click here.

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